When I was 7 years old my Grandmother gave me a wind-em-up phonograph along with a pile of 78′s (records). I brought that phonograph in my Radio Flyer wagon to the local Grand Union supermarket in Levittown, Long Island, to play records. So, I started playing records for people way back in 1958 and learned that if you played the right songs, people would buy the needles you needed to play those 78′s.

Fast forward to March 1961. My family moved to Patchogue, Long Island, just about a half mile from radio station WPAC. The first time I saw the studios, I was hooked and knew what my life’s career was going to be. My parents encouraged me from the get go. When I was 12 years old, I built a small AM transmitter and broadcast to the neighborhood. I did the Boy Scout Report on WPAC every Saturday morning from 1962-1965. When in Patchogue High School I formed the “Radio DJ Club” and did High School Sock Hops and worked at the Radio Station. I went to school in Manhattan to study for an FCC First Class license. My radio travels included stints at WPAC, WHRF, WGLI, WBLI, WRCN, and WLIX… all on Long Island. I then moved to Connecticut and worked at WQQW, Waterbury and WICH, Norwich. Family brought me out West To Silver City, New Mexico in 1974 and I wound up at KNFT.

Radio is a nomadic life and I lived in a number of places. In 1976 I did the night shift at KIKX,Tucson, then it was on to Sacramento, CA at KROY/KROI. In 1977 I worked the mid-day shift at KBCQ in Roswell, NM where I nominated as a finalist in the Billboard Magazine Medium Market Top40 Personality of the Year competition. In 1978-79 I did the all night shift at Golden West’s KQFM in Portland, Oregon (a Gene Autry property). In Mid 1979-1981 I came back to Tucson to do the afternoon shift at KMGX. Then I worked at KHYT(where Rich ‘Brother Robin christened me with “BIG John”), KCEE, and KAIR… all in Tucson. Also did a stint at KAVV (The Cave) in Benson, AZ. One of my passions is music and it was around this time that I developed my “Mobile DJ” service. It was literally 2 turntables and a microphone. No CD’s or hard drive back in the day.

I went back to Silver City in 1985 and then on to Las Cruces, New Mexico to be the Program Director of KGRT AM-FM in 1986. I stayed there until 1989 and did some Weekend work at KAMZ-93Z in El Paso,TX. I also did DJ work at White Sands Misile Range in the Officer’s Club and the Las Cruces Hilton (very classy).

Here’s where it gets good. I arrived in Globe-Miami in December,1989 and was hired for the Morning Shift at KIKO. In 1995 I accepted an opportunity to do Mornings and Program KSCQ in Silver City, New Mexico, a station that I named and helped put on the air. It was there that I met my wife Rhonda (yes, it took four moves to Silver City before I found her). In late 1996 another opportunity presented itself and I was back in Globe at KRXS. This time to stay. In 2002, I ventured into forming my own little business with “Golden Sounds” providing Commercial Voice-Over and DJ Services. I have also been back on the radio locally since 2005 at KQSS FM – GILA 1019.

Globe-Miami is a wonderful area and a great place to live. After travelling around the Country, this is the place I call Home. I really enjoy making people happy through my DJ service. Music and Radio are my life. Community service is a major part of what I do and thanks to technology, I can send my voice-over work all over the Country. It’s those “Golden Sounds” from Globe-Miami to the Global Community. How’s that for fun?

This is my story and I’m stickin’ to it!

Big John Libynski